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Gazette x Shoujo
When yaoi gets boring
Afraid to dream - [Chapter 1] - Aoi x Uruha 
2nd-Dec-2009 10:05 pm
Tittle - Afraid to dream
Author - urudear
Beta - No beta so please excuse my errors. I'm no native speaker.
Chapter/s - 01/??
Genre - AU - Drama / Angst / Romance
Rating - Not decided yet.
Pairings/Characters - Aoi x Uruha [KouyouxYuu] / maybe some Ruki x Reita / other characters as well.
Bands - The GazettE
Warnings - Male x Male relationship , Male x Male sex , self harm , and some more coming.
Synopsis - A scream of panic and also fearful cries where heard from a small street between two big buildings.
Comments - Needed to be read! :)

3rd-Dec-2009 02:26 am (UTC)

I'm just dropping a comment to let you know that this fic is kind of...posted in the wrong community. gazette_het is a community for heterosexual pairings -- that is between a man (a member of the GazettE that is) and a woman. This post is strictly man x man, and doesn't really...fit here. ^^;
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