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Gazette x Shoujo
When yaoi gets boring
Night, the Beloved Chapter Two 
28th-Dec-2009 05:07 pm
Title: Night, the Beloved: Chapter Two
Author: ivyfallsdown
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: romance, general, het
Warnings: Nothing so far, but expect it to become more graphic as the story progresses
Rating: PG13
Pairings: Aoi x Own Character
Disclaimer: I do not own the GazettE, however I do own the writing, the OC and situations depicted in this story.
Comment: This is my very first GazettE fanfiction, so please be gentle. Comments and constructive criticism is most appreciated. Also, this story has no beta.
Synopsis: A young photographer is sent to Japan to photograph the GazettE and capture the band in both daily life and fame. However all starts to fall downhill when she realizes that Aoi discovers her deepest secret. Will she allow him to bring her into the dawn, or will she remain in her beloved world of eternal night?

Chapter Two http://ivyfallsdown.livejournal.com/564.html
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