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Gazette x Shoujo
When yaoi gets boring
Blood Rain Chapter 35 
21st-Aug-2010 10:24 pm

*Title: Blood Rain

*Author: Tiger_eyes90

*Chapter: 35

*Characters: Gazette, Alice Nine, SUG’s Takeru

*Rating: PG-17

*Warnings: Lots of violence…and language…character deaths

*Story: Tora, Uruha, Aoi, and Ruki are vampires. Kai, Shou, Hiroto, Nao, and Reita are humans. What happens when Kai’s girlfriend drags him into a dark forest at night? One thing is clear, nothing will ever be normal again. (Sci-fi, drama, angst, romance, comedy here and there.)

*Disclaimer: Continuation  Sorry for taking months and months to update…

“Why didn’t you tell me what happened? WHY?!” She screamed, grabbing Kai by the throat as she tried to choke the life out of him.


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