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Gazette x Shoujo
When yaoi gets boring
Dreams and Confessions. Western act: Ema. Pt.1 
7th-Dec-2009 10:17 am
Title: Dreams and Confessions. Drama in two acts.
Western act: Ema. Pt.1
Chapters: 1/5
Author: erlallosta
Rating: PG13
Genre: drama, romance
Pairing: UruhaxOFC
Warnings: English is not my native language and I don´t have a clue how The Gazette shoots their Pv´s ...
Beta reader: jaye7d
Synopsis: The Gazette decides to shoot their new PV in Europe in historical settings.

It was already the last day! The Japanese were filming for four days already and would be finished today evening, then going back to Japan next day for postprocessing. And they would be throwing a goodby party on the spot today.

Ema smiled as she remembered how she got this awesome job.

Her work started actually right after she was called up to design and prepare the settings for The Gazettes new PV shooting, which ought to be filmed with a baroquesque-historical background. And the place which was decided to fulfill this design was a small town with an 18th century castle in Europe. The town she lived in.

An assistant from Japan came to supervise and consult the preparations. Ema was so busy, that she totally missed the date when the band was supposed to arrive at the spot. And suddenly, one day in the morning, a minibus and few other vehicles stopped at the place and the five members of The Gazette (with numerous other staff) got off the car.

She froze in the middle of her work with her mouth wide open until a repeated calling of her name pulled her out from her surprised freeze.

„Ema, boss wants us to gahter in front of the main tent, to greet the Japanese and to introduce us,“ her colleague noded towards the foreign group.

Calm down, calm down... it is not like you are going to see them one meter in front of you, in clear daylight, in casual clothes and without make up.... she told herself as she walked to the place where people already gathered, trying to surpress her accelerated breathing and throbbing in her chest....you are not a teenager anymore, don´t panic like this now!

Inspite of this inner monologue, Ema felt hell of a nervous. She tried to smooth down her carrot-red curly hair (without any visible effect) and threw a quick glance in a glass surface she was passing by... but what she saw there didn´t satisfy her at all. A tall, slender and boyish figure ... still thin ... and a face that, Emma must have addmited, not many people would call cute. No, she wasn´t cute or pretty. Attractive in an intriguing way to someone, maybe, but not cute. But as if it mattered, she thought with a cynical grinn. I will just watch them from a safe distance.

...The Gazette...for how long did she listen to them by now...5 years? Not as if being a fangirl in her age- Ema turned 27 already- was a thing she used to boast about to her coleagues or friends...but now she was going to see them, maybe even talk to them.

Her boss already talked with Kai and a guy who was their manager, Sakai was his name, if she remembered right. There was another person, a translator obviously, but still the talk was followed by lot of gesticulation and bowing on the Japanese side, which made her boss look rather perplexed as how to answer, and Ema was very amused over his confusion.

But this was the first time for her as well to see them live! She wasn´t at their concert yet, she felt her palms sweating and her face burning. They looked so small and thin!!!!!.. that was the first thing that came to her mind... like teenager boys among „giant“ European staff. And besides they already wore some base make up and their hair was partly styled up, probably to save time and beginn with the filming as soon as possible.

She couldn´t get satisfied with sight enough though, because they were hushed back to work soon. Ema stayed in the main tent finishing the actresses´ costumes and make-up and the band went to look around the filming place. She hoped she would have the chance to observe them properly later.

That moment came sooner as she expected. Around noon the band and the crew took a break for a quick lunch and a coffee or smoke. They all (including the European staff, actresses and so on) gathered in a big tent with tables and coffee machines. Suddenly she found herself standing right next to Reita (without his nose-strap- it lasted a while until she realized it was really Reita!) trying to explain something to a girl from her staff who held a cup of coffee obviously intended for the Japenese bassist. And she clearly didn´t understand his broken English- in fact Ema was not sure if the girl spoke English at all...

She thought for a while, then cought nervously and stepped forward.

Anoo..“ Reita stopped talking and looked at her.

Ema coughed again .. how was it...? Words only slowly came to her mind, she wasn´t used to practice the Japanese, though she learned it for a couple of years already...

„She doesn´t speak English“.. she said slowly in Japanese.

Reita gazed at her, then a broad smile appeared on his face and he started to talk very fast and hapilly, from what she understood something about being happy someone here spoke his language and if she could explain to the girl, that he doesn´t like coffee with milk, but he didn´t want to offend her by rudely refusing it.

She nodded and translated it to the girl. Reita smiled at her again and thanked her. She smiled back nervously and was about to leave for the food, when he suddenly stopped her..

Anoo...“he said in Japanese, „you seem to be the only one here to speak Japanese beside our people...would you mind to accompany us to the lunch and translate things?

She blushed...“But, I only speak a little and as you can see, I am not fluent and..“

„I think your speaking is sufficient enough for the lunch. Anyway, it is better than my English“ he laughed. „Come whiz me, puriiisu“.

She finally nodded and followed him. Oh god, this was weird. This was ...just a dream. She felt her knees wobbling as they approached the table where the other members were chatting with each other.

There they were. Uruha and Kai on one side of the table and Aoi and Ruki on the other, and just now they looked with questions at Reita and her.

Hey, this is...errrm, what is your name again?“ Reita began to speak...

„Uhm, Ema“.

Right, Ema. She speaks Japanese.“ with that he grinned wide and victoriously and sat down to the table pulling her down on the other epmty chair and nodded to the others.

Ruki-kun, Aoi-san, Kai- kun and Uruha-kun. Oh, and I am Reita“ the mentioned members nodded to her saying „Nice to meet you“ and she replied with the same phrase to each.

She felt dizzy. Her throat was dry and she wanted to cry. This was not fair, so suddenly! She wasn´t prepared for this! She stole secret glanges at each of them, stopping by Uruha for a moment. They were there, real...and styled-up...she felt relieved a little, she wasn´t prepared to see their „naked“ faces ...

So you speak Japanese...“ A deep voice..Ruki? She looked up...

„Yes. Only a little, but..“

Ruki smiled at her „It is ok..we only need to ask some things about the food, anyway..and Reita-kun is sometimes a little too spontaneous, maybe even a little rude, right?“ Ruki looked at Reita, who only threw his shoulders and made an innocent face.

„You are nervous...I apologize instead of Reita for dragging you so suddenly here.“ The voice was different now, not so deep and had an accent, which was difficult to understand for Ema. Aoi? She thought before she looked up.

„No, it is not a problem .. I am glad to be able to help you any way..“ her pulse started to calm down.

„But, if you don´t mind me to ask you, don´t you have a translator with you here..?“ She was puzzled, they couldn´t come just like that abroad.

Now, it was Kai´s turn to speak. „We do have translators of course... but one of them translates only into English and the people here have sometimes difficulties to understand him- I think many of them don´t speak English very well. Well, and the other one is there,“ Kai waved his hand in the direction where the technicians and her boss sat, “bussy with translating between your and our staff, so he can´t accompany us right now...“

Then Ruki spoke up again. „Well, and as Reita-kun probably thought that it would be nice to talk with someone „native“, so to say, in our language...you live here, right, Ema-san?“

„Y..yes, I live here, I know this town as my own hand,“ she tried not to stutter, but it was difficult.

Reita let out an excited exclamation at that point. „Ah, you know this town, right, right...we should have some free time after the filming, so if you don´t have some other plans, could you please introduce us to this town´s night life?“ he grinned widely.

Well, what Reita-kun is trying to ask from you,“ continued Aoi, smacking Reita lightly on his head, „if he was more polite, if you could take us around this town and tell us somehting about it´s history...I doubt we would find a Japanese guide to do this and using a translator..well, it would be complicated, and since you speak Japanese...“ Aoi looked at her quite intensively.

Ema felt her mouth open in surprise...accompany them? In their time off? Spend time with them just like with normal people, without make-up and such, talking, going out for a drink, just so?

„Well, I..I don´t know..I would like to of course, I just...it´s..“...

She looked up again just to find five expectant faces waiting for her response. A coherent response.

„Pretty please,“ said Reita, „I really feel a little lost here, I would like to get to know more about this place, I really like it here, so, please...“

O—ok, I think I can do it, she looked back at Kai. „But I will have to ask my boss, therefore I can say yes definitely only before dinner, after you’ve finished todays filming.“

„Of course,“ responded Kai. „Should I acompanny you while talking to your boss?“

She felt a lump fall of her heart and she smiled. „Yes, please, if you don´t mind, at least he won´t think I made up this thing.


The lunch was over and all of them returned to their work. Only after a while Ema realized, that the only one who didn´t speak a word during the break to her was Uruha. Actually, he seemed to be rather off the whole time...was he against this whole thing? Her head still spun a little when she thought about what just happened and what she was about to do. She felt the excitement starting to build up in her stomach.

They finished the work around 6 p.m. and had about half an hour before dinner. She met Kai at the arranged spot and they went together to her boss, where she explained the idea of accompanying The Gazette in their free time. He didn´t seem to be very pleased by this idea, probably thinking about various problems it could cause.

„I could show them around the city as well, so you wouldn´t have to pay a guide, I would do it for free,“ Ema added just to make sure to stroke the right string in her boss´ mind.

This decided the thing. She knew her boss was kinda cheapskate when it came to extra expenses for something he didn´t know or didn´t think much about. The Gazette, sadly, were exactly in this category, he simply didn´t know what to think about this „strange“ Japanese men.

She started her new asignment right at the dinner, sitting by the same table as the band´s members. When they talked among themselves, she didn´t understand much, but when talking to her they always slowed down and tried to speak as clearly as possible. Only Uruha didn´t say anything again. Again, he didn´t talk to anyone at all, he seemed to be fully concentrated on his meal.

They were still styled up, not having time to change after filming. But right after dinner they went to their hotel room to take a shower and dress up for the evening and she was supposed to pick them up in two hours.

„I am sorry, that you have to come back here to pick us up..but the roads here are really complicated and thought the town is not far away, I feel better having someone with us who knows the way,“ Kai apologized to her, when they parted.

„It´s really no problem. It is only 15 minutes with the bus.“She smiled at them. „See you later then, bye!“

Ema. Pt.1 End
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