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Gazette x Shoujo
When yaoi gets boring
Blood Rain Chapter 36 
16th-Oct-2010 10:10 pm

*Title: Blood Rain

*Author: Tiger_eyes90

*Chapter: 36

*Characters: Gazette, Alice Nine, SUG’s Takeru

*Rating: PG-17

*Warnings: Lots of violence…and language…character deaths

*Story:  Tora, Uruha, Aoi, and Ruki are vampires. Kai, Shou, Hiroto, Nao, and Reita are humans. What happens when Kai’s girlfriend drags him into a dark forest at night? One thing is clear, nothing will ever be normal again. (Sci-fi, drama, angst, romance, comedy here and there.)

*Disclaimer: Livejournal said my post was too long…oh well… T-T hacking it into two parts for your enjoyment. New character from Dir en Grey ^-^


PART 1 “Do you have any idea what happens to half breeds?”

PART 2 “Perhaps you can tell me, first, where is Aoi?”

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